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FISA 2021 Conference Presentations

The following presentations were given at the FISA conference held on 17 November 2021:

A recording of the conference is available on Asset Tv for the next four months. If you have not registered for that, watch this space. Registrations will open again soon.

If you are registered to access the recorded event, click here. You will be required to create a profile and will be identified by the email address you used to register for the event.

The Living Will – managing relationships around end-of-life directions and decisions – presented by Dr James Faber of the University of the Free State

Managing the relationship between the executor and the family of the deceased – presented by Chris Murphy of Legacy Fiduciary Services

Managing fiduciary relationships in multi- jurisdictional families – presented by Mr Gordon Stuart of Accuro Mauritius

Managing the relationship with the regulator – presented by Mr Louis van Vuren of FISA

The estate planner’s relationship with the client – presented by Ms Lelane Bezuidenhout of The Financial Planning Institute

Umbrella trusts and beneficiary funds: Managing relationships at scale – presented by Mr David Hurford of Fairheads Benefit Services

Strengthening client relationships by understanding their philanthropy stance – presented by Mr Prince Siluma of FNB Fiduciary

Building lasting relationships based on trust – presented by Dr Janette Minnaar-Van Veijeren of ProEthics

Click here for the full conference programme.

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