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FPSA® examination requirement to change from 2018

The FPSA® examinations administered by the School of Financial Planning Law (the SFPL) at the University of the Free State on behalf of FISA since 2011, will run for the last time in the current format in September and November 2017. As from 2018, anyone who wishes to apply to FISA for the FPSA® designation will first have to enter and successfully complete the Advanced Diploma in Estate and Trust Administration (the Diploma) offered by the SFPL since 2015.

To date applicants for the FPSA® designation have needed to meet four requirements:

    1. at least three years’ experience in the fiduciary industry
    2. subscription to and compliance with the FISA Code of Ethics and of Professional and Responsible Conduct
    3. an academic qualition(s) with a minimum NQF level 6 requirement
    4. successful completion of the FPSA® examinations.

From 1 January 2018, the same requirements will apply except that the academic requirement will be the successful completion of the Diploma, regardless of other academic qualifications held. The previous stand-alone FPSA® examinations will also no longer be available. Instead, candidates who have successfully completed the Diploma will be allowed to apply to FISA for the FPSA® designation to be awarded to them.

Current and prospective FISA members wishing to enter for the last stand-alone FPSA® examinations in 2017 will be able to do so from March 2017. Information about the examinations will be available on the FISA website in February 2017.

For more information about the FPSA® examinations and the Diploma, please visit:

FISA exam information and School of Financial Planning Law (SFPL)

Why FPSA®?

The FPSA® designation will before long become the yardstick for professional fiduciary practitioners, much as the CFP® designation has become the yardstick for the financial planning industry. FISA has already awarded the FPSA®designation to more than 120 individuals.  It will be in your best professional interests to obtain the FPSA® designation.