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Initiative to reduce backlog in Master’s Offices

Sanlam Trust started an initiative to assist the Cape Town Master to catch up on the backlog in capturing new deceased estates and trusts on the Master’s IT systems. This initiative will be expanded countrywide in the next few weeks.

The initiative involves the donation of extra computers to the Master’s Offices, and supplying staff members to capture new deceased estate and trust documents at the offices of the Master. An important condition of this initiative is that no preferential treatment is extended to Sanlam Trust by the capturers, and estates and trusts are captured in the sequence they arrive at the Master’s Office.

FISA members are requested to assist in two ways:

  1. Please consider making staff available on a one day a week or once every two weeks basis to help with the capturing, to spread the workload. The Sanlam Trust staff who are involved already will assist in training such volunteers; and
  2. Please ensure that deceased estate files are compiled in accordance with the document: “Deceased estate – filing order of reporting documents”. Click here for the document. Doing this will save at least five minutes capturing time per estate.

FISA members willing to assist should email Elna Pieterse at Sanlam Trust on

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