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FISA membership terminations

The membership of forty FISA members was terminated on 13 September 2017, due to their failure to pay their annual membership fees and complete the annual online membership renewal process.  Despite numerous and regular reminders over the course of this year these ex-members failed to comply with the requirements for the annual renewal of membership set out in paragraph 7 of the FISA Membership Regulations.

The FISA Council regrets that it had to take this action, but is convinced that it is essential in order to protect the value and integrity of FISA membership for the benefit of complying members.

Two of these ex-members held the FPSA® designation which they have now also lost due to the fact that clause 6.1 of the FISA Constitution states that only members are entitled to the designations as determined by the applicable regulations.

As paragraph 7.3 of the Membership Regulations makes provision for the reinstatement of membership, the membership of two members have been reinstated since 13 September 2017.

Please look out for your membership fee invoice for 2018 early in the new year, as well as the e-mail notice to complete the online renewal process.

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