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Outstanding FISA membership fees and membership renewals

Membership fee invoices were sent out in January 2018 to all FISA members. At the same time a link to an online renewal questionnaire was sent out.  Members are obliged to pay their fees for the year AND complete the online questionnaire.

As matters stand now, more than 100 members still have not completed the questionnaire, while more than 250 members still owe FISA their membership fees for 2018.  Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you need a duplicate invoice. Please note that invoices will be sent from [email protected] – be on the lookout for an e-mail from this address if you have requested a duplicate invoice.

If you have not received the link to the online questionnaire, you can click here. If you receive this message if you try to access the online process – Registration for this event is not available. Please contact the planner for more information – it is most probably because you have changed your e-mail address and did not notify FISA. Please contact [email protected] if that is the case.


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