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Call for agenda points for the FISA AGM

The FISA Constitution provides in par 17 that the annual general meeting (AGM) of members of FISA shall have a fixed agenda and that no business not included in the agenda sent to members 21 days before the meeting may be transacted or discussed at the meeting. The purpose of this provision is to avoid a situation where a matter of great importance to members can be slipped into the agenda at the eleventh hour without giving members the opportunity to consider the matter beforehand and make an effort to attend the AGM and participate in the discussions and deliberations about such matter.

To give members the opportunity to submit points for discussion at the AGM, the Constitution provides in par 17.2.2 that any member can submit a point for discussion at the AGM to the FISA CEO before a specified date, which date shall not be later than 30 days before the AGM.

Because of the nature of the AGM, members are requested to consider whether the point should be discussed at the AGM, or whether it can be submitted for discussion by Council through the relevant regional committee. Matters of a strategic, governance, or compliance nature of general importance to all members should typically be discussed at the AGM, while matters about the normal day-to-day operation of FISA should be submitted to Council for discussion.

Members are hereby invited to submit any such point for discussion by the 2022 AGM by email to on or before 11 February 2022.

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