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Below are our supporters who subscribe to the FISA Code of Ethics. For more information on how to become a supporter of FISA, please contact the FISA Secretariat on email address

BDO Supporter

BDO Wealth Advisers offers a full range of wealth advisory and financial planning services to individuals, companies, trusts and deceased estates. Our purpose is to help our clients get to the right solutions so we can positively contribute to their lives. We are connected to BDO’s global network of audit, tax and advisory specialists across 162 countries.

Fair Heads Supporter

Fairheads is Southern Africa’s leading independent administrator and service provider to the retirement and fiduciary industries. The administration of beneficiary funds and umbrella trusts has been our core business for more than thirty years and we have evolved to include amongst others, tracing services, unclaimed benefits, and a legacy umbrella trust product.


LEGACY FS is a leading independent provider of services in the Estate Planning arena. Offering comprehensive estate planning services, including trust establishment, independent trustee services, drafting of wills as well as Sharia compliance services and deceased estate administration.

Capital Legacy

Our company administers estates and testamentary trusts. We provide Will services and the Legacy Protection PlanTM that insured clients against the costs of estate administration.

Crest Trust Holdings Inc

Crest Trust Holdings Inc. is a completely independent fiduciary services and trust company and we provide fiduciary services completely free from any real or perceived conflict of interest.


Standard Trust Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Standard Bank Group Limited with 130 + years’ fiduciary experience in drafting Wills, Trusts, Estate Administration and Beneficiary Care.

Personal Trust logo

Personal Trust is a client-focused Trust and Investment Management company providing financial planning and investment advice and services to clients planning for, or already in their retirement years.


FedGroup Trust Administrators offers a comprehensive range of trust services which include the drafting of wills, administration of deceased estates, estate planning and the drafting and registration of inter-vivos and testamentary trusts.