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FISA introduces Candidate Membership

The FISA Council took a decision to allow those persons who do not comply with the requirements for full membership to join FISA as candidate members.  The FISA Membership Regulations make provision for such a membership category already (Par 5.2), and this category will be activated from the beginning of 2018.

Applicants would need to have a minimum of an NQF5 qualification, which equates to a one year certificate or diploma after matric.  Candidate membership would be limited for three (3) years, whereafter the candidate member must apply for full membership, and a candidate member will be required to attend at least two (2) regional meetings per annum.  Membership fees for 2018 will amount to R 1 200 per annum.

A candidate member’s details will not be reflected on the membership page on the FISA website, and names will be kept on a separate list.  CPD requirements will be the same as for a full member.  Candidate members will have no voting rights at FISA meetings.

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