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FPSA® Exam results – September 2017 session

The results of the September 2017 FPSA® exam have been processed and released to the candidates. A total of 50 candidates complied with the examination requirements to apply for FPSA® status.  Three further requirements have to be satisfied before the FISA Council can confer FPSA® status on a FISA member:
– Education:  The member must hold at least an NQF6 rated qualification;
– Experience:  The member must have at least three years’ experience in the fiduciary industry;
– Ethics:  The member (as applies for all FISA members) must subscribe to the FISA Code of Ethics and of Professional and Responsible Conduct.

Candidates who achieved a mark of between 45% and 50% qualify for a re-marking automatically.  Click here for the application for re-marking. This application should be completed and sent directly to the University of the Free State.  DO NOT SEND TO FISA.

Candidates who have not been successful may qualify for a second opportunity in November.  Please liaise directly with the University of the Free State.

Examination reports are available online on each candidate’s Cloud account with the University of the Free State.

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