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How to register for events and receive your CPD certificate

FISA uses a software package to manage events like regional meetings, the AGM, and the annual conference.

Since 2020 most events are also streamed online through GoToMeeting.

In order to make it possible for us to manage registrations and supply the link to online attendees in good time, please keep the following points in mind when registering for and attending a meeting to ensure that you are registered correctly and will receive your CPD certificate:

  • Invitations to events are emailed two to three weeks before the event.
  • Please do not reply to these emails. Full information and everything you need to know are included in the emails.
  • You have to register by clicking the “YES” link in the invitation emails.
  • If you do not register, you will not receive a CPD certificate. This is because the certificates are system generated and cannot be produced manually.
  • Each certificate contains a barcode and/or QR code. These codes are unique to each certificate.
  • The registration process will ask you to pick a registration type. The “FISA Member” registration type will be the default option and means that you register to attend at the venue and NOT online. To register to attend online you must pick a registration type containing the word “Online”. Click here for an image indicating where you will find this choice.
  • Please ensure that you complete your registration by clicking “Submit” on the last screen.
  • To ensure that preparations for the meetings can be finalised timeously, registrations close 36 to 48 hours before a meeting. Please do not send emails requesting a late registration. If you missed the registration deadline, you are not registered and will not receive a CPD certificate.
  • If you attend at the venue, please make sure you sign the exit register. If you do not, you will not receive a CPD certificate.
  • If you attend online, the time that you were online in the meeting is measured and you have to meet a minimum attendance time to qualify for the CPD certificate. If the meeting was awarded 2 CPD points, you have to be online for at least 1 hour and 45 minutes. Obviously, if the meeting did not take the expected time to complete, FISA will adapt the minimum required.
  • FISA attempts to send out emails with a link to download the CPD certificate within two weeks after the event. The link is only active for about three months from the date of the email, but the expiry date will be in the email.

Please help us to avoid unnecessary administration and help us keep FISA’s expenses under control and membership fees low.

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