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A wealth tax for SA? Tell us what you think

The Davis Tax Committee (DTC) published a call for submissions on possible wealth taxes on its website on 25 April 2017.  Public submissions are to reach the DTC by 31 May 2017 on the desirability and feasibility of the following possible forms of wealth tax:

1.         A land tax

2.         A national tax on the value of property (over and above municipal rates)

3.         An annual wealth tax

The FISA Council will submit comments.  You are invited to send any points to be considered for inclusion in the FISA submission to by 22 May 2017.  You are, of course, free to lodge a submission under your own name directly with the DTC.

Click here for the DTC media statement on the DTC website, or here to download a PDF version of the statement.

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