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Bloemfontein Master’s Office turnaround times

The Master of the High Court in Bloemfontein recently published turnaround times for the services rendered by the office. The Master requested practitioners not to enquire about matters before the relevant turnaround time has expired, as it places pressure on staff to respond to the enquiry in the time that they should have used to deliver the service.

FISA has to give credit where it is due, and point out that in the two and a half years that the complaints facility on the FISA website has been active, not a single complaint was lodged involving the Bloemfontein Master’s Office.

Click here for the turnaround times.

One thought on “Bloemfontein Master’s Office turnaround times

  1. Wonderful .. especially if all staff buy into this procedure. What would it take for the Cape Town Master to do the same ?

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