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Chairman’s year-end message

Reflecting on 2018 made me realise again that the fiduciary industry is far more exciting and dynamic than many may believe.

On the tax and legal front, the Davis Tax Committee published its report on wealth taxes, estate duty was increased and the courts ruled on a number of financial planning and fiduciary related matters, such as living annuities, pension funds, wills, executors’ liability, alter ego trusts and Muslim marriages. In this ever-changing environment it is hard to imagine that anyone can practise effectively as a fiduciary practitioner without being a member of a professional body. In our commitment to ethical, professional and responsible conduct, based on the principles of integrity and diligence, Fisa is continuously in the process of developing a more professional fiduciary environment to serve both the practitioner and the public. The weekly Fisa Focus Newsletter is an effective mechanism to inform, educate and empower our members. Approximately one third of all our members have obtained the FPSA® designation and compliance with the CPD policy will be monitored more closely in future. We believe that the professional FPSA®designation will become the standard in the fiduciary industry and encourage every member to aspire to obtaining the Advanced Diploma in Estate and Trust Administration.

2018 has been a busy year for Council and everyone involved in the management, administration and marketing of our organisation have worked extremely hard:

  • due to the growth of membership in Gauteng, the Northern Region has been established, serving members from Pretoria and areas north of Midrand;
  • the annual Conference has been attended by a record number of delegates, with exciting topics such as the bequest of digital assets, electronic wills and identity theft;
  • with the support of the new Acting Chief Master, Mrs Tessie Bezuidenhout, a Master’s Service Delivery Portal has been established;
  • for the first time, bursaries will be awarded in terms of the newly established Bursary Trust Fund.

Many individual members annually contribute their valuable time and expertise to Fisa. I want to thank in particular everyone involved with the disciplinary process, which is a time-consuming and thankless task, but crucial in the establishment of a professional body.

I wish all our members a blessed festive season and well-deserved time of rest. May 2019 be a wonderful year during which you serve your fiduciary clients with excellence and achieve all your personal goals.