What can I do if I am not satisfied with the service received from a fiduciary practitioner?

  1. Look at our membership list to determine whether the person is a FISA Member. FISA can investigate only the behaviour of its members. In all other cases we shall attempt to put you into contact with somebody who may be able to assist you.
  2. Look at the FISA Code of Ethics and of Professional and Responsible Conduct.
  3. If, in your opinion, the FISA member did not comply with the requirements of this Code, please complete the online complaint form on this page.

Your complaint will be evaluated and will be referred to the FISA disciplinary committee if, on the face of it, the member in question appears to have breached the Code.

The disciplinary committee will investigate the matter and take a decision whether or not to institute disciplinary proceedings against the FISA member. In this process, the disciplinary committee may contact you to gather further information. Please note that the disciplinary committee will also need to ask the FISA member for his/her version of the events leading to the complaint.

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