It might happen that you are not satisfied with the level of service or the conduct of one of our members. Here follows a detailed description of the process if you want to lodge a complaint.

You should attempt to resolve the complaint with the individual or member company involved.
Should the complaint remain unresolved after a reasonable period you can lodge a complaint via the offices of the Secretariat of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa.

To initiate an investigation into the conduct of a member or a member company, please fill in the form to the right and provide the Secretariat with the following information:

  • Your own contact details
  • Brief overview of the complaint
  • Provide contact details of the person(s) involved against whom the complaint has been lodged

Once the above information has been received by the secretariat contact will be made with the complainant to discuss the matter in greater detail. Feedback will be provided to you once the complaint has been investigated. This usually happens within two weeks.

We will remain involved until the complaint has been resolved.