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FISA Heritage Project # 13 – Back in the day…

Back in the day

In the “old days” things certainly moved at a slower pace and seem quite different from today’s practices.

A high level of personal service

Colin Hickling, recipient of the 2019 FISA Chairperson’s Award, a former FISA Councillor and MD of Bloemfontein-based The Public Trustee and Trust Corporation, describes how in the early days of his work as a clerk at Bloemboard in the 1960’s monthly visits were made to various old age homes to take residents their monthly allowances in cash – at no charge for the visit. Similarly, the trust company assumed responsibility for paying the staff wages of clients at no charge – something that is probably unheard of today.

Andre Olivier, a FISA member and MD of Midboard Financial Services in Graaff-Reinet, tells a similar tale of Midboard staff doing the shopping for old age home residents and delivering the groceries to them – also at no extra charge.

The land, the sheep and the spouse

Andre also explains with a chuckle how a team of three were commonly sent from the trust company to assess a farmer’s request for a loan – one colleague had to check out the land, the other to inspect the sheep, and the third to engage with the spouse – who had to be on board with any planned decision.


This communication is the last in our current Heritage series. We hope you have found it of interest. If you have any constructive feedback please write to Dr Eben Nel, FISA Chairperson, at

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