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New deceased estates process at Standard Bank

Standard Bank has recently updated their processes for reporting deceased estates, by shifting their whole reporting process to an online portal.

Click this link to access the online portal. The portal can also be accessed via Standard Bank’s website.

Users must register to use the portal. Click this link to access a useful guide to assist with this process.

Standard Bank also provided a current list of FAQs.

3 thoughts on “New deceased estates process at Standard Bank

  1. The new system is great, however when standard bank sends the emails to notify you that you can log in and obtain your feedback, they do not stipulate the deceased details. The problem with this is that I have several matters registered with them and are unsure which estate to log into.

    May i suggest that they provide the deceased details as it will be easier to allocate to the specific matter.

  2. I fully agree with Natasha’s comment above. If the name of the estate were to appear on all emails and communications from Standard Bank, it would make the process much easier. Most estate administrators have several estates at a time with Standard Bank accounts. It is common sense to have a reference to the name.

  3. I have created my profile and loaded a few estates but I am unable to access the profile to follow up on the progress, I have requested to reset my password as well but no luck. I have tried calling to have the problem resolved but I am just kept holding.
    It seems that this process takes longer than it did it previously as I have not had any accounts closed since working on the new system.

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