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New SARS website for deceased estates

FISA received the following communication from SARS:

After recent discussions with our stakeholders it became evident that improved communication and education around the Estates segment was needed.  In order to assist in this regard, we have recently created a new Estates webpage – click here.

We have also introduced a process to report a new Estate case via our SARS online query system.  The details are on the webpage.  Please can you advise your members of the new webpage as well as the new process.

Also note that escalations that were previously sent to Marinda Thompson or myself can now be forwarded to [email protected].

If there are any issues or suggestions, please contact us.

Kind regards
Dhevani Munsamy
Interim Segment Lead: Estates

One thought on “New SARS website for deceased estates

  1. It is working great only if you have the tax number and the correct ID number. We all know a lot of older taxpayers old ID number is still on the SARS system , in which case you cannot report online.

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