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Please sign attendance registers at FISA events

Some of the FISA CPD events (e.g. the FISA Conference) are accredited by other bodies (e.g. the FPI) for CPD purposes.  This is conditional upon proof that the attendee actually attended the whole event.  As a result, FISA introduced attendance registers for events.  In the case of the FISA Conference, a registration register AND an exit register is kept.  Attendees should ascertain what the registration requirements are on the day of the event, and ensure that they sign all the required registers.
FISA issues an attendance certificate to all attendees who signed the relevant registers.  This certificate is system generated and automatically e-mailed to attendees after the event.  Members should store these electronic (PDF) certificates safely and keep them on record for future use, as FISA has limited administration capacity and cannot entertain individual requests for duplicate certificates to be issued.

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