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Pro bono deceased estate administration

Members interested in doing pro bono estate administration can contact ProBono. ProBono currently has 4 help desks where requests for pro bono assistance with administration of deceased estates that are valued at more than R250 000 emanate:

1.    Master’s Office help desk that operates on a weekly basis, every Wednesday at the Johannesburg Master’s office
2.    Housing Clinic that runs every week on Fridays
3.    Deeds Office help desk that operates every Tuesday and Thursdays
4.    General walk in assistance at the office Monday to Thursdays

The focus is on administration of deceased estates that has only immovable property valued at less than R350 000. The means test that is applicable in pro bono instructions is that an individual’s income must not exceed R7000 and the value of the immovable property must not exceed R350 000.

Visit the ProBono website or Tshenolo Masha on e-mail [email protected] for more information and to volunteer.

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