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Communications from SARS

FISA received the following communication from Stakeholder Relations – Private Sector at SARS:

SARS Service Charter

SARS published an updated service charter. Click here to read it.

Lodging disputes on eFiling

“As previously indicated, SARS is aware of issues with submitting disputes on eFiling that caused some disputes to be rejected.

A fix was implemented on 13 May 2022 to address this matter. The team is working on resolving the remaining issues. SARS therefore advises that if you had submitted a dispute between 22 April 2022 and 14 May 2022 , that you check your dispute history on eFiling to verify if your dispute is reflecting as received or rejected.

If the dispute is rejected, may you kindly submit this dispute to SARS again. SARS apologises for the inconvenience.”

Notification of assessments issued

“SARS was alerted to the fact that certain emailed notifications had not been delivered which alerted the eFiling user to the fact that a Notice of Assessment had been placed on the eFiling profile.

We do apologise for this technical issue; however it is important to note that this did not impact the delivery of the Notice of Assessment to the eFiling profile.

Please note that SARS will be issuing several emails shortly to the impacted taxpayers and tax practitioners.”

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