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Communication from Chief Master on Covid protocols

FISA received the following communication from the Office of the Chief Master:

“Dear Colleagues,

It has come to the attention of the Office of the Chief Master that there is confusion in some offices on whether the Masters’ Protocol to address the National Disaster regarding the spread of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus Adjusted Alert Level 1 is still applicable.

Please see attached hereto DPSA Circular 22 of 2022, which clearly states in paragraph 2 thereof that all regulations and directions made in terms of the Disaster Management Act following the declaration of the National State of Disaster in response to COVID-19, are repealed with effect from 6 April 2022.

The transitional measures which were set in place, also came to an end and the pandemic is now managed by the National Health Act 61 of 2003 and the Regulations in terms thereof, published in Government Gazette no 46319 on 4 May 2022, notice no.2060.(see attached)

In the light of this, and by instruction of the Chief Master, please note that all Masters’ protocols issued previously, in terms of the Disaster Management Act and related published regulations, are no longer in effect, with effect from 6 April 2022.

This means that offices and members of the industry should revert back to the normal procedures followed in Master’s Offices prior to the State of Disaster, but ensure that they are still complying to and implementing any regulations and prescripts of the National Health Act, as indicated above, such as the wearing of facemasks etc.

I trust that you will find the above in order.

Kindly inform all relevant stakeholders.

Kind regards

Patrys Venter (Mrs)

Deputy Master

Office of the Chief Master”

Click here for Presidency Circular 22 of 2022.

Click here for the Government Gazette of 4 May 2022.