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FISA chairperson’s year end message

A Nobel Prize winner once said: “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”.

For many individuals and businesses, the year 2020 may have had more winter characteristics than that of summer; a year in which many had to dig deep to find the summer within. As fiduciary practitioners, many of our usual challenges were accentuated in this time – both from a client perspective and the administrative system within which we are forced to operate. I choose to believe, however, that our members continued to be a light of hope for many out there. The more people are challenged with high levels of uncertainty and potential chaos, the more important does sound and ethical estate and other forms of fiduciary advice become.

As for everyone else, it was also for us as organization a year of thinking and operating outside the box: from remote regional and council meetings to a fully-fledged hybrid conference. In the process, mistakes may have been made, but at the same time lessons were learned and new skills acquired.

The good news is that we have experienced growth in our membership during a time of uncertainty and high volatility. Both as individuals and as a Council, I believe we became more aware of the value of a strong professional organisation to belong to. One thing 2020 may have taught many of us is that it is better to go through tough times in community than on your own. The role of FISA is to be exactly that; to support, empower and encourage our members to deliver a committed service to the public, based on integrity, diligence and professionalism, while fulfilling their professional aspirations.

We thank every individual who has served the fiduciary industry faithfully according to these norms during the past year and wish you all a blessed and peaceful festive season and well-deserved time of rest.

Eben Nel

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