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FISA Moneyweb campaign

FISA will have a campaign running on Moneyweb next week for four days from Monday 2 to Thursday 5 March 2020.

The campaign will consist of a FISA logo on the Moneyweb homepage with a podcast and two articles featured consecutively on the homepage on Monday to Wednesday, with all three accessible on day 4.  The podcast is on matrimonial property regimes, with the articles about wills for clients with multi-jurisdictional estates and the capital gains tax consequences of death.

Please also note that the articles featured in all FISA campaigns on Moneyweb are still available on the Moneyweb site.  Click here to access these articles.

As before, alongside the editorial campaign we will also run a series of banner advertisements with an FPSA® theme which click through to the relevant pages on the FISA website.

We have found this Moneyweb campaign, run twice a year for the past three years, an effective, measurable way of reaching both the discerning general public as well as potential members.

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