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FISA moves to Zoom

FISA was approached by a member whose employer refused to give the member access to GoToMeeting due to an article on the internet pointing to security risks. After consideration of the available information, a decision was taken to stop using GoToMeeting and move FISA’s online meetings to Zoom. This decision took effect already.

It is recommended that members who do not use GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar for other purposes should consider removing the GoTo applications (apps) from all their electronic devices.

The Zoom package comparable in cost to the GoTo package FISA used unfortunately limits the online attendance number to 100 per meeting.  The next package on Zoom is exponentially more expensive and not an option for FISA.  Members in the bigger regions are therefore requested to attend regional meetings in person if at all possible.  A different and more permanent solution with no limits on the number of attendees is currently under investigation.

FISA has no reason to believe that any member data was illegally accessed by any person or institution at any stage.

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