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Master Grahamstown rotating staff

The Master’s Office in Grahamstown rotate their staff members with effect from 13 July 2020.  FISA received the following communication:

“Please take note that due to an increase in Covid-19 infections and to further reduce the risk in this regard management has decided to start with a rotation roster from today 13 July 2020 (week 1 starting today). I attach same together with the allocation of work within the office for your attention.

The roster is also to ensure business continuity as we currently have a lot of staff in quarantine and this is affecting service delivery. There are also staff with who special arrangements had to be made due to underlying conditions and age. We however assure that every effort is made to attend to matters as soon as practically possible in the circumstances and your patience and understanding will be highly appreciated.

Prior arrangements regarding meetings and posting of matters remain the same. Electronic documents (except insolvency requisitions and court applications) are no longer accepted.”

Any queries regarding the arrangements in the office should be directed to Mr Jemillo Adriaan at

Click here for the rotation roster.

Click here for the work allocation list.

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