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Master’s Office – service delivery issues – new process

Protocol for reporting Master’s Office service delivery problems:

  1. Escalate any problems through the channels first and then to the head of office (Master or Deputy Master).
  2. If not resolved, log the matter online on the FISA website by clicking here.
  3. The list of matters logged is downloaded once a week on a Friday and forwarded to the Office of the Chief Master.
  4. If there is no response to your complaint after ten working days, you are welcome to send an email to the relevant Chief Director in the Office of the Chief Master.

Inland: Mrs Tessie Bezuidenhout – [email protected]
Coastal: Ms Penny Roberts – [email protected]

3 thoughts on “Master’s Office – service delivery issues – new process

  1. The Chief Master and his DG do not respond! Do not hold your breath! It seems that Pretoria Trust department has collapsed.

  2. Files have been escalated to the Chief Master’s Office, but still no result.

  3. All Masters offices urgently need a solution how to deal with the major back log, not good for the economy. Results of back log: Surviving spouses without income, vehicles possess, claims not paid, interest calculated, million of queries, dissatisfied clients, additional admin cost. Stressed employees of Masters offices and stressed executors – not good for health

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