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Pretoria Master’s Office closed on 29 June 2020

A staff member of the Pretoria Master’s Office has tested positive for Covid-19. Below the communique confirming this and setting out the consequent arrangements.

Dear Ms Mlangeni

As per communiqué an official of the Master, Pretoria has been tested positive for COVID 19. This was confirmed with us late Friday afternoon. Part of SALU , housing the Master, as well as certain common areas will have to be closed as the building will be decontaminated today. The chemical used will leave a green residue and therefore on Monday, 29 June 2020, fascilities will arrange for cleaning of the building and the Master can resume duty on Tuesday, 30 June.

Officials that have been in contact with the official , numbering 36, will be in self- isolation for 14 days. The details are as follows below that need to be communicated with the public and we request the assistance of PEC in this regard. I will ensure that all stakeholders are informed:


SITE: The Master, Pretoria

ADDRESS: SALU Building, 316 Thabo Sehume street, Pretoria

AFFECTED AREAS: Ground floor, parking P1, lifts on Master’s side servicing floors ground – 15.


REASON: Estate Controller, deceased estates tested positive

BUSINESS CONTINUITY ARRANGEMENTS: Urgent matters to be lodged by email as per arrangements with the Master.

Christene, please ensure that all staff are informed of the closure on Monday. Rotation of staff should be arranged from other sections to ensure deceased appointments are capacitated.  The affected official needs to present a certificate that he has tested negative upon his return.

Taunia, please address with HR if special leave needs to be taken by officials in self isolation.

Emily, as the common ground area is affected as well  the lifts on the Master’s side please advise and arrange with security how other officials, occupying floors 16 upwards which is not affected by the closure, , will be able to gain entry to the building.

Ms Kadiaka, please ensure that a cleaning crew has been arranged to clean the affected areas on Monday.

I wish to thank Ms Mlangeni and her team for their swift assistance , especially in arranging decontamination in such a short period of time,  and Ms Bhaktawar for agreeing to communicate the closure with the public.


Tessie Bezuidenhout

Chief Director: Operations Inland

Office of the Chief Master

Department of Justice and Constitutional Development

Tel: 012 406 4807

Cell: 083 441 0877

Personal Assistant: 012 406 4802

Fax: 086 629 2434

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