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Project to smooth liaison with banks on deceased estates

Ryno Venter, the Western Cape chairperson of FISA, is busy with a project to make all contact information and processes of all the major banks in connection with all the bank accounts of deceased clients available to FISA members in one place on the FISA website.

This project will take a bit of time to finalise, but will hopefully make interaction with the banks easier for executors.  We shall keep you updated about progress with this project.

4 thoughts on “Project to smooth liaison with banks on deceased estates

  1. Good morning Aaron

    Thank you so much for this. This would be most helpful. I did provide feedback and highlighted challenges when the project was last undertaken. We struggle most with Standard Bank and Nedbank Deceased estates. We are not able to reach them telephonically which is frustrating so emails are ignored.

    Nedbank Deceased Estate has also introduced and requires an Email, Telephone and Fax Indemnity be signed by the executor for/against incorrect information provided which is so irrelevant and unnecessary because nobody sends faxes, we can no longer contact them telephonically and well if incorrect information is provided then it simply needs to be rectified. We provide estate formal documentation so there is a duty to provide us with correct information.

    Thank you. Take care and stay safe.

    Really looking forward to the Regional Meeting on the 25th June 2020.

    Best regards
    Quarashia Rahiman

  2. What a great initiative.
    Thanks to Ryno Venter and the FISA team.

  3. Thank you Ryno Venter for the initiative. We also struggle with both Nedbank and Standard Bank.

  4. Nedbank are bottom of the class for me. Long delays in responding to e-mails; commitments dates to dealing with matters are not met.

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