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Updated Master’s Office contact details

Read more for an updated contact list of available staff at Master’s Offices.

3 thoughts on “Updated Master’s Office contact details

  1. It would have been courteous if the Durban Master’s office had advised FISA that they were closed from 6th to 8th May 2020 for sanitising. It would have saved me a trip I have put off since 27 March 2020.

  2. David, we are trying continuously to get the Master’s Offices to communicate with stakeholders. All I can suggest is that you contact one of the persons on the list before you go there again.

  3. Good Morning,
    The Master PE does not want you to use the two contacts for all follow ups. It seems they are only for lodgements. We received further emailed information which i will pass on to FISA.
    Stay safe and take care everyone.

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