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FISA Gauteng members required to test online estate reporting

A new online estate reporting facility is ready for testing in Johannesburg from 27 to 31 March 2023. The system has been developed through co-operation between FNB, BASA and the Department of Justice and will be open to all practitioners when it becomes operational. FISA has been informed of the initiative some time ago and an undertaking was given that FISA will be updated and involved as the development progressed.

Testing will be done from a facility in Sandton and will require testers to capture new deceased estates that they have ready for reporting from this venue on a live IT system in a controlled environment. The testing is arranged with the approval of Adv Kanyane Mathibe, Chief Director: Strategy and Policy in the Office of the Chief Master.

FISA members who want to volunteer for the testing in Johannesburg should send an email to

Testing in Durban is planned for 10 to 14 April 2023 and further information about this will be communicated as soon as it is received.

FISA can, obviously, not take responsibility for any risk attached to the testing.

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