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FISA Heritage Project

The fiduciary industry in South Africa has a long and rich heritage. Not many people are aware that the first trust company in the world was formed in South Africa 185 years ago and indeed the average person may not even understand the term “fiduciary”.

As a way of recording some of this rich history, FISA has embarked on a Heritage Project. This project has been given impetus by the generous gesture of the Graaf Reinet Museum to make available to FISA a space which we can use to display historical items of interest and inform the public about the history of the fiduciary industry. Planning of this space will start in 2020.

To launch the project we have written a 13-part FISA Heritage series which will be sent to members in the weekly newsletter over the coming months. The heritage series comprises short snippets of information gleaned from various books, articles and interviews conducted, which we hope members will find of interest. Please note it is history “lite” and is by no means a comprehensive history of the industry – that will hopefully be the task of a historian at some later stage.

If you have any items you would like to donate to our museum room or if you have any information you would like to share, please contact me at

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Dr Eben Nel

FISA Chairperson