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Access to and services by Master’s Offices

The Acting Chief Master, Mrs Tessie Bezuidenhout, issued new service protocols over the weekend and supplied stakeholders with the document on 4 May, to take effect from 6 May.

Click here for the protocols.

If you identify shortcomings in the protocols, specifically where the measures may be impractical, please submit a proposal to improve the processes by email to Aaron Roup on or to the FISA vice-chairperson, Angelique Visser, on

Mrs Bezuidenhout appealed to all practitioners and members of the public to adhere to regulations and requirements to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus.  She wrote:

“I wish to point out the following:
–           Stakeholders must only use mails as provided on our website. The reason for this is that not all officials are on duty. Your matters and queries will then be sent to relevant officials to deal with, with whom you can then further correspond.
–           We wish to curb the number of people coming into the office for the safety of our officials and of your own  employees.
–           As we will not be fully staffed we request your patience to allow us to deal with new matters as well as old backlog matters. For this reason we will not be able to deal with matters as per our normal turnaround times.
–           Please if you do come to the offices, adhere to the protocols as well as all measure put in place to safeguard all. For this reason no person will be allowed on the floors and only urgent matters will be discussed in person and by way of an appointment. We are all in stormy waters and uncertain times and we now need to work together for the advantage of all South Africans especially those who are vulnerable .As time goes on we will adapt and change our protocols as needed.

The Minister of Labour over the weekend issued further regulations regarding the safe return of officials to the workplace. For this reason the Masters will offer their extended service hopefully by the latest Wednesday. It is imperative for us to ensure that all offices comply and all measures are in place for everyone’s well-being.

The Masters have amended our protocols as attached hereto. However I must haste to point out that although we are ready to go,  we need to wait until such time a circular is issued by the Department . We as leadership have been working endlessly to finalize this  and therefore in the best interest of all we will , as stated above continue with our extended services by Wednesday. I will however keep you advised. To enable all stakeholders to conform to our protocols I,  as stated will attached but it will only be applicable once we get the go ahead and the Departmental circular issued.  We have tried or best to be as practically as possible. If you foresee or encounter any issue, please do not hesitate to address with me.

We are very weary of fraudulent matters which may be lodged therefor we urge all to adhere to our attached affidavits as well. We are still  linked with DHA and any document which does not conform with the documents held by DHA will not be processed.

I need to however point out that although our services under level 4 are limited, it is within the discretion of any Head of Office, to address any urgent matter, falling outside the services rendered now.

I wish to thank all stakeholders for their invaluable inputs regarding our protocols.   We play a vital roll in the economy of South Africa and I urge all,  let us  work together to make the lives of less fortunate citizens more bearable,  where in our hands,  in this difficult time.”


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