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Annual renewal of membership

All FISA members must renew their membership annually.

Emails will be dispatched soon to all members who joined prior to 1 October 2023, containing a link to an online renewal questionnaire and declarations which must be completed.

If you joined prior to 1 October 2023 and have not received said email by 15 February 2024, please send an email to Linda Cahill at

Members who joined after 1 October 2023 do not have to complete the online questionnaire and declarations.

Invoices will be dispatched to all members under cover of a separate email. Please do not pay your annual membership fees before you have received your invoice.

Please ensure that all payments are made to the bank account specified on the invoice. Please verify that the person/department in your organisation who will process the payment has the correct banking details as specified in the invoice.

If you have not received an invoice by 15 February 2024, please send an email to Aaron Roup at

Membership fees for 2024:

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