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Process for tax directive queries

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) issued a communication about a new process for tax directive queries:

Dear Valued Stakeholders

Kindly note the take note of the new process which must be followed for sending any Tax Directive queries:

Email your request to together with the supporting documents where applicable, ensure that the email size of your documents does not exceed 10MB as noted on SARS webpage Contact SARS by email/online | South African Revenue Service.
A case number will be allocated. Note it may take up to 21 working days to finalise your request.
Once 21 working days have lapsed, you may follow the escalation process – refer to link: Lodge a complaint | South African Revenue Service (
Where a technical issue is experienced, an e-mail can be sent to Where possible, please attach a screen print of the issue experienced.

Please share this process widely with your members.

With warm regards

Karin Smit

Corporate and Professional Bodies

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