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Write articles under the FISA banner

FISA welcomes article contributions from members, which we can assist in getting published, although there is no guarantee of publication. The following strict guidelines apply:

• Articles must relate to topical issues/legislation/court cases in the fiduciary industry
• Word count – 750 words (or 1,200 words for more technical articles)
• No footnotes allowed (rather bring the citation into the body of the article)
• Please use plain English, with no jargon
• No promotion of your brand or product
• The article will be edited and approved/rejected by FISA’s editorial committee
• Please provide your designation and company name. The byline will include the words “FISA member” and/or “FPSA®
• You need to supply a professional, high-resolution head and shoulders image of minimum 2 MB in size.

Submissions can be made to

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