Candidate Membership Application Form

  • Please complete the form and click the Submit button at the end. You will be taken to a screen where you can check the details you have captured and then print the form you have completed.

    Copies of the following documents need to be submitted along with the application form:

    • ID Document
    • CV
    • Qualifications

    Please submit the completed application form to:

    The Secretary
    The Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa
    PO Box 67027


    I hereby apply to become a candidate member of the Fiduciary Institute of Southern Africa (FISA).
  • Drop the '0' e.g. +27 11 555 1234
  • QUESTIONS: Please answer all the questions below by clicking YES or NO.
    IMPORTANT: If you answer yes to any of the questions, please supply full details in writing and send it to FISA along with your other documentation requested at the top of this form. Quote the number of the relevant question when supplying the details.