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Please download your CPD certificates on time

CPD certificates for attendance of FISA CPD events, e.g. regional meetings, are system generated. After attendance of such an event, you receive an email with a link to download your CPD certificate. These links expire after three months, after which the certificate cannot be downloaded anymore. Therefore, please download your CPD certificate when you receive the email, and save the certificate in a safe place. FISA receives regular requests from members for certificates – sometimes more than a year after the event. To deal with these requests is a cumbersome and administratively intensive process – using resources that could be applied better and more productively.

Who will receive certificates?

Only those members who signed the exit register at the end of an in-person meeting will receive certificates for attending a physical meeting. With online meetings, we analyse the meeting system information and issue certificates only to those attendees who were online for the required time. If a meeting was accredited for 2 CPD points, only those attendees who were online for more than 105 minutes will receive their CPD certificates.

For online meetings, please ensure that you log into the meeting with your own name and surname. If we cannot identify you in the meeting system information, you will not receive a certificate.

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