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Court case on removal of executor 
-Sundarparsadand Another v Ramnarain and Another [2018] ZAKZDHC 14

 Sundarparsadand Another v Ramnarain and Another [2018] ZAKZDHC 14

The applicants (heirs in the estate) inter alia contended that the respondent (the appointed executor) gave them no information as to his actions, rejected an offer to purchase an immovable property from the estate, and did not account to them for his administration of the estate. The respondent contended that he had complied in full with the Master’s requirements.  The court found in favour of the respondent that mere unhappiness on the part of heirs is insufficient to warrant the removal of the executor by the court under section 54 of the Administration of Estates Act, 66 of 1965.  Click here to read the judgement.