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Deadline for registrations as accountable institutions under FICA

FISA received a communication from the Financial Intelligence Centre about the amendments to the schedules under the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 38 of 2001 (FICA), about the new or amended groups that should register as accountable institutions (AI’s).

Click here for a copy of the letter.

Please note that, although the leader is headed “CONFIDENTIAL”, FISA acquired the permission of the FIC to distribute to FISA members.

Please note further that AI’s must register under each applicable item listed in Schedule 1 to FICA separately. For example, a financial services provider registered under item 12 who also makes arrangements for the setting up of trusts must also register as an AI under item 2. However, we have been made aware that there is a system problem with the registration platform in that only one item can be registered per profile and that an email address can only be used for one profile.

Click here for our communication earlier this week which includes a link to a copy of Schedule 1.

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