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FISA Chairperson resigns as Regional Councillor

Five vacancies must be filled on the FISA Council.

Nationally Elected Councillor

Angélique Krügel’s term of office expires at the FISA 2023 annual general meeting (AGM). She is automatically eligible for re-election and is deemed to be nominated for the position unless she notifies the CEO in writing that she does not wish to stand for re-election (see clause 15.2 of the FISA Constitution) (the constitution). Any two members of FISA may nominate any other member for this position, with the permission of the member so to be nominated. This notice serves as a call for nominations for this position (see clause 15.3 of the FISA Constitution).

Nominations close on 1 February 2023. Click here for the nomination form to nominate any other FISA member as a candidate.

Regional Councillors

The terms of office of Penny du Plessis (Gauteng), Carmen Venter (KwaZulu-Natal), and Rynoe Smith (Central) expire at the AGM, and elections must therefore be held in these regions to elect new regional committees. The elections take place at an election meeting, which can be held on the same date as and immediately following after a regional meeting (par 6.2 of the Regulations for Regional Committees) (the regulations). Under the provisions of the regulations, nominations for members to serve on these regional committees will only be accepted at the relevant meeting.

The FISA chairperson and regional chairperson of the Northern Regional Committee, Mr Ian Brink, has resigned as regional chairperson as he is retiring and leaving the fiduciary industry. His resignation is effective from the 2023 AGM which will be held in Cape Town on 15 March 2023. Ian’s term as chairperson of FISA also expires at the 2023 AGM. His resignation as regional chairperson necessitates an election for chairperson in the region, for a term of one year, to fill the vacancy until the next ordinary regional election in the region in the run-up to the 2024 AGM.

Click here for the notice of the Gauteng regional election meeting

Click here for the notice of the Central regional election meeting

Click here for the notice of the Northern regional election meeting

Click here for the notice of the KwaZulu-Natal regional election meeting

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