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FISA to request a meeting with the Minister of Justice

The Vice-Chairperson of FISA, Angélique Visser, is attempting to arrange a meeting with the Minister of Justice to discuss the current challenges in the fiduciary industry and processes at Masters’ Offices during the lockdown, as well as how best to return to full service delivery after the lockdown.

You are invited to raise any points for discussion and share information with Angélique by commenting in the blog below or sending her an email at [email protected].

3 thoughts on “FISA to request a meeting with the Minister of Justice

  1. Hi there
    I was just wondering if the Master’s office could make more use of their portal, for example, by loading our query sheets onto the portal so we can access them remotely. I’m not sure if this would be an idea for Sect 42(2) endorsements by the Master as well. Is there some way that the Deeds Office could accept this.
    Regards, Paula

  2. Thanks Pauline. Your comment will be considered.

  3. Good day

    I agree with Paula but then also in general practice the Master requires the original L&D account for approval, my suggestion is for the Master to allowed us to submit L&D accounts via email. After the memorandum is issued by the Master via email or on the portal, the original L&D account with all requirements; including the proof of advertisement for the L&D can be submitted. Thus, on the long run the Master will receive the originals.

    It will be fabulous if the Master can assist with queries via email, I have experienced that the Master request the executor to go to the office for any queries although it is possible in the most cases to assist via email.


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