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Help identify Masters Office service delivery problems

The Office of the Chief Master has indicated that they would appreciate any effort to help identify Master’s Office service delivery issues.  Please escalate any problems you have in this regard through the channels to the most senior level in the relevant Master’s Office.

If the matter is then still unresolved, please log the case online with FISA by clicking here.  Please supply as much detail as possible.

One thought on “Help identify Masters Office service delivery problems

  1. We are having tremendous difficulty in obtaining copies of documents from the Master’s office, Johannesburg. These copies are required for purposes of lodging property transfers at the Deeds office. We have enquired from the Heads of Departments, who forward our email enquiries to the relevant staff members who do not respond and we cannot get hold of anyone on the phone.
    We have 1 matter where copies have been outstanding since October 2019.

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