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New FISA vice-chairperson elected

The 91st annual general meeting (AGM) of FISA was held on 17 April 2024 in Sandton, Johannesburg. At the council meeting following directly on the AGM the new council was constituted and it proceeded to elect a new national vice-chairperson of FISA in the place of Ms Penny du Plessis, who reached the end of her maximum term of office of three consecutive years. The newly constituted council duly elected Mr Chris Murphy, regional councillor and Western Cape chairperson of FISA.

At the AGM the results of the 2024 election of councillors were announced:

One vacancy for a nationally elected councillor arises every year as one such councillor reaches the end of a three-year term of office every year. This year Mr Aaron Roup’s term of three years expired. He was automatically eligible for re-election unless he indicated in writing that he was not available. No such indication was given. Nominations for this position were open from 19 January 2024 until 20 February 2024. No other nominations were received and therefore Mr Roup was re-elected unopposed.
Three regions held committee election meetings in March 2024. In the Northern Region (Pretoria) Mr Ricky Opperman-Knipe was elected as regional chairperson and therefore regional councillor, with Ms Marietjie Strauss as vice-chairperson. In the Eastern Cape Region Ms Charmaine Lötter was elected as regional chairperson and regional councillor, with Ms Rochelle Velkers as vice-chairperson. In the Western Cape Region, Mr Chris Murphy was elected regional chairperson and regional councillor, with Mr Ryno Venter as vice-chairperson. The regional vice-chairperson in each case is also the alternative regional councillor for that region if the chairperson cannot attend a council meeting.

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