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FISA Focus Newsletter – Edition 6

Dear FISA Members

We have seen many changes in our industry in recent months and this has prompted us to use “Change” as the theme for this newsletter. Our focus is, understandably, on some of the proposals made by the Davis Tax Committee in their First Interim Report on Estate Duty, but we do include other items as well.

We might not always welcome change, but it is inevitable, especially in our industry. The internet is littered with quotes about change but I found the following by Natahaniel Branden very apt: “The trick is not to try and shy away from change, but to find ways to effectively deal with it”.

You will probably agree that we find ourselves in a difficult position at the moment, as there is still uncertainty about whether or not, to what extent, and when, the proposed changes in the Davis Tax Committee Report will be implemented. Whilst this uncertainty can cause stress and concern, it could also provide many opportunities to interact with our clients.

I trust that those of you who attended our 2015 conference found it of great value. If you have not already done so, please click here to see the image gallery of the conference, and click here to view the presentations given as well as read a synopsis of the presentations.

By now, those of you who chose to write the FPSA® exam in September will already have received your results. I hope it went well. Good luck to those who are writing in November.

As always, we invite you to engage with FISA on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Ronel WilliamsFiduciary regards
Ronel Williams


We commissioned Colin Daniels once again to create an exclusive cartoon for our newsletter, enjoy!

Dennis Davis

In terms of our agreement with Colin, please note this should not be used elsewhere.

Louis van VurenThe Davis Tax Committee Report

Louis van Vuren, FISA CEO and FPSA®, summarises FISA’s official comments submitted at the end of September in relation to the First Interim Report on Estate Duty by the Davis Tax Committee. Read More.

The full submission can be read on the website here.


Aaron RoupFISA Councillor Q&A – Aaron Roup

All FISA members will have dealt with Aaron Roup, National Councillor, FISA Secretary and FPSA® at some stage, but few will probably know that he has energetically fulfilled his important administrative role for the past 17 years, previously through the Association of Trust Companies.

Read More.


Leslie SwartDisinheriting Your Spouse

Leslie Swart, FISA member and Senior Client Relationship Manager at Maitland, discusses the DTC’s recommendation relating to scrapping the roll-over relief on the death of a spouse.

Read More.

Ronel WilliamsRetirement Fund Contributions

Ronel Williams, FISA Chairperson and FPSA® and Fiduciary Specialist at Nedbank Private Wealth, writes on the proposed changes to retirement fund contributions, also touched on by the Davis Tax Committee.

Read More.


Tanya LochnerIf I Buy, will you Sell?

Tanya Lochner, FISA member and Fiduciary Specialist at Glacier by Sanlam, discusses buy and sell agreements.

Read More.


243 The Rights of Beneficiaries in a Testamentary Trust

Franscois van Gijsen, FISA member, FPSA® and Director: Legal at Finlac, discusses a recent court case relating to the rights of beneficiaries in a testamentary trust.

Read More.


Michelle CliffShould I terminate my Trust?

Michelle Cliff, FISA member and Client Services Manager at Maitland, writes on the ongoing relevance of trusts.

Read More.


Louis v VurenLevel of Compliance with CPD disappointing

Louis van Vuren, CEO of FISA and FPSA®, gives an update on CPD compliance which has been disappointing so far. The process of logging points on the website is very simple and is explained again for your benefit.

Read More.


FISA Media Highlights – from May 2015 to present

FISA featured in 74 media outlets during the period of May to October 2015. Thanks very much to those members who contribute articles or attend to media queries. Media coverage can be a powerful tool for building the FISA brand and attracting new members or encouraging the public to use members’ services.

Click here to open a document containing a selection of the media coverage over the past six months. Most of the coverage is posted on the website so be sure to check the News tab from time to time for articles not only of possible interest to you, but also to your clients. FISA also tweets the coverage and encourages comment on occasional articles on the FISA LinkedIn group.

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