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Interaction with SARS

FISA entered into discussions with the Private Sector Stakeholder Group (PSSG) of SARS in Pretoria in order to iron out process problems that FISA members experience when dealing with SARS offices. The purpose of the discussions is to identify process issues and find solutions to those. A standardised process for dealing with deceased estates, trusts and other fiduciary structures can then be included in the SARS Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) which all SARS offices must then apply.

To assist in this process, FISA needs real examples of problems experienced by members when dealing with SARS offices. The details will be treated with absolute confidentiality and nobody other than the FISA office bearers dealing with this and SARS officials will see your feedback. We have to ask for these details as the SARS PSSG will not be able to address the problem unless they have real life examples of the problems.

Click here for an online form where you can enter details of problems you have experienced when dealing with SARS.

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