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Fire at Master Pretoria

FISA received the following communication from the Office of the Chief Master:

Good day,

Kindly take notice that Masters services, at Pretoria Masters office, are interrupted due to the building being inaccessible.

There was a aircon part burning in the SALU building yesterday 30 May 2022 and the building was evacuated.

The landlord and DOJCD facilities management are working on declaring the building safe for occupancy.

Note that the there was no damage to the Master’s systems or any files, as the looming fire was contained quickly, though heavy smoke filled the building.

The department will update the user/occupiers later this afternoon whether the clean-up operations are completed and when soon the building will be habitable.

The inconvenience to you our stakeholders is regretted.

Master Pretoria current contingency plan:

Two Estate Controllers and one Assistant Master (on a roster basis) will be assisting public with the screening of documents as well as the completion of the forms at the dedicated waiting area outside of SALU building.( The fenced area outside the building)

Only clients for burials will be referred and escorted to Momentum Building (Cnr Pretorius- and Prinsloo streets), Momentum West Tower (NOC section), where space was allocated for two Estate Controllers as well as two Assistant Masters (on a roster basis ) to assist with the capturing of the urgent deceased estate matters for burials purposes.

Furthermore, the Insolvency section will have one Assistant Master available on site on a daily basis for postponement of Statutory Creditors meetings.

The Registry section will also prepare a roster for officials to receive and date stamp documents according to a register – further information on this will be provided.

Any changes/update to this process will be communicated.

We trust that our stakeholders and their members will be patient in these unforeseen circumstances.

Kind regards

Patrys Venter (mrs)

Deputy Master

Office of the Chief Master

Department of Justice & Constitutional Development Room 2226, SALU Building, Pretoria”

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