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FISA Council elections

At the 2018 FISA annual general meeting on 27 March 2018, Aaron Roup is coming to the end of his three year term as a nationally elected councillor. Nominations for this vacancy will open soon. Aaron is automatically deemed to be nominated for re-election, unless he chooses not to make himself available. Any two members are free to nominate any other FISA member. Members who want to do so must please wait until the nomination forms are sent out to all members in a separate e-mail. If more than one candidate is nominated, an election by e-mail or telefax ballot will be held. See clause 15 of the FISA constitution.

Regional chairpersons and committees must also be elected at regional election meetings in the Western Cape-, Eastern Cape-, and newly formed Northern Regions. In the case of the first two, their regional committees are coming to the end of their two year terms. In the case of the Northern Region, a regional committee must be elected for the first time. The elected regional chairpersons also join the FISA council as regional councillors. Members in these regions will be invited to the election meetings soon. See par 6 of the Regulations for Regional Committees.

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