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Johannesburg Master: new process to request files and extending electronic LE’s pilot project

FISA received the following communication from the Master: Johannesburg:

“Dear Stakeholders

1. Herein the Master Johannesburg internal process flow for ordering files required for the office to render specific service as would be required in the ordinary course of business for your attention.

2. In other words members should approach relevant sections in respect of any matter where services are required in the ordinary course of business so that request for files are from the sections or groups seized with the matters where assistance is sought and not for members to ordinarily order files as it will be a call to be made by the relevant official dealing with specific matter.

3. Please also note that I am planning to open the online registration for deceased as indicated in our previous meeting with JAA and PAA as part of extending the pilot currently taking place in this office.

4. I intend to have same taking place from 25 July to 27 July 2023 in which case qualifying practitioners (i.e. trusted agents) will be requested to call at our offices in order to be assisted with this process. They will also be expected to bring complying new estate(s) which they will use as part of this process. It will also be advisable for members to bring their laptop for this purpose though we also have kiosks station that can be used for registration though they are limited as they are only three of them.

5. Practitioners and stakeholders can choose one of these days so that we can be able to spread the attendance into three days because of the space as our boardroom can accommodate roughly 25 people or so.

6. Confirmation will follow sometime next week and as such, I will appreciate it if you can inform your members as widely as possible so that stakeholders can start utilising this process as it is where we are going as the Masters branch.

7. I urge you to please be part of this journey to turnaround Masters offices because together with your support, we can.

I just also wish to take this opportunity to inform members that we are current embarking of moving the files to the space created by files that have been taken offsite for storage. which This process is also including catching up with scanning of files following the delivery of 7 new scanners to the office. Please bear with us as some of the files are still been sorted as they are continued to be moved and are on the floors just so that you are aware.


Leonard Pule

Master of the South Gauteng High Court,


Tel: (011) 429 8005”

FISA members who wish to attend the sessions mentioned in point 4 above, should send their name, email address, and a contact number to by 19 July 2023.

Click here for the process document to request files.

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