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Impact of closure of Master’s Offices

The Office of the Chief Master explained that the following happens every time a positive Covid-19 case is reported in a Master’s Office:

  • The office has to close and be sanitised.
  • Every staff member who has been in contact with the positive case has to self-isolate for 14 days.
  • As not all Master’s Office staff members have been supplied with laptop computers, those without cannot work from home. This may mean in some cases that a whole group will be out of action.

The impact of a positive case is therefore much greater than just a closure of the office for a day or two.

One thought on “Impact of closure of Master’s Offices

  1. Good day

    May I then request that the Master reconsider accepting documents virtually, via email,as the above does cause major delays in trust registration and therefore affecting the beneficiaries largely. The Master can then in the meantime issue the LOA so that the trust can be created and the trustee can assist beneficiaries that are dependent on the funds. Especially the RAF clients.
    As trustees, we would be able to place an affidavit on the set of docs (the original docs that goes to the Master) stating that we do have the original docs and will hold onto it until it can be submitted and filed with the Master.

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