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FISA on Moneyweb

FISA ran a Moneyweb campaign earlier this week as a way of building brand awareness, promoting the professional to the benefit of members, and educating the public. This led to some interesting questions from readers which FISA answered.

On 11 March there was an article on capital gains tax and fiscal drag by Moneyweb’s Amanda Visser, quoting FISA CEO Louis van Vuren. Read here.

On 12 March Moneyweb published a podcast interview between Amanda Visser and FISA chairperson, Dr Eben Nel, on unintended implications of dying intestate. Listen and read here.

On 13 March there was an article on the useful role of life policies in estate planning by Amanda Visser, quoting FISA vice-chairperson, Penny du Plessis. Read here.